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10.1 Communications Planning


Communications Planning involves determing the information and communication needs of the stakeholders: who needs the information, when will they need it, and how will it be given to them.


10.1.1 Inputs

  1. Communications requirements
  2. Communications technology
  3. Constraints
  4. Assumptions

10.1.2 Tools & Techniques

  1. Stakeholder analysis

10.1.3 Outputs

  1. Communications management plan






10.1.1 Communications Planning - Inputs Communications requirements

These are the sum of the information requirements of the project stakeholders. Requirements are defined by combining the type and format of information required with an analysis of the value of that information. Project resources should be expended only on communicating information which contributes to success or where lack of communication can lead to failure.

Information to determine project communication requirements includes: Communications technology

The technologies or methods used to transfer information can vary significantly from brief conversations to extended meetings, from simple written documents to immediately accessible on-line schedules and databases. The relevant factors include:


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10.1.2 Communications Planning - Tools and techniques Stakeholder analysis

The information needs of the various stakeholders should be analyzed to develop a methodical and logical view of their information needs and sources to meet the needs.

Care should be taken to avoid wasting resources on unnecessary information or inappropriate technology.


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10.1.3 Communications Planning - Outputs Communications management plan

The communications management plan is a document which provides:


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