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10.2 Information Distribution


Information Distribution involves making needed information available to project stakeholders in a timely manner. It includes implementing the communications management plan as well as responding to unexpected requests for information.

10.2.1 Inputs

  1. Work results
  2. Communications management plan
  3. Project plan

10.2.2 Tools & Techniques

  1. Communication skills
  2. Information retrieval system
  3. Information distribution systems

10.2.3 Outputs

  1. Project records






10.2.1 Information Distribution - Inputs Work results

Refer work results. Communications management plan

Refer communications management plan. Project plan

Refer project plan.


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10.2.2 Information Distribution - Tools and techniques Communication skills

Communication skills are used to exchange information. The sender is responsible for making the information clear, unambiguous, and complete so that the receiver can receive it correctly and for confirming that it is properly understood. The receiver is responsible for ensuring that the information is received in its entirety and understood correctly. Communication has many dimensions: Information retrieval systems

Information can be shared by team members through a variety of methods including manual filing systems, electronic text databases, project management software and systems that allow access to technical documentation. Information distribution systems

Project information may be distributed by a variety of methods including:


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10.2.3 Information Distribution - Outputs Project records

These may include correspondence, memos, reports and other documents describing the project. The information should be maintained in an organized fashion.


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