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9.1 Organizational Planning


Organizational planning involves identifying, documenting and assigning project roles and responsibilities and reporting relationships (to individuals or groups). The individuals and groups may be part of the organization performing the project or they may be external to it.

Organizational planning is tightly linked to communications planning.

9.1.1 Inputs

  1. Project interfaces
  2. Staffing requirements
  3. Constraints

9.1.2 Tools & Techniques

  1. Templates
  2. Human resource practices
  3. Organizational theory
  4. Stakeholder analysis

9.1.3 Outputs

  1. Role and responsibility assignments
  2. Staffing management plan
  3. Organization chart
  4. Supporting detail






9.1.1 Organizational planning - Inputs Project interfaces

These fall into three categories: Staffing requirements

Staffing requirements define what kind of skills are required from what kinds of individuals or groups and in what time frames. Refer resource requirements. Constraints

These are factors which limit the project team's options, such as:



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9.1.2 Organizational planning - Tools and techniques Templates

Although each product is unique, most projects will resemble another project to some extent. Human resource practices

Most organizations have a variety of policies, guidelines and procedures that can help the project management team with various aspects of organizational planning. Organizational theory

The project management team should be familiar with the subject of organizational theory so as to be better able to respond to project requirements. Stakeholder analysis

The needs of the various stakeholders should be analyzed to ensure that their needs will be met.


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9.1.3 Organizational planning - Outputs Roles and responsibility assignments

Project roles and responsibilities must be assigned to the appropriate stakeholders and closely linked to the scope definition.

A Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) is often used for this purpose. On larger projects RAMs may be defined at various levels. Staffing management plan

The staffing management plan describes when and how human resources will be brought onto and taken off the project team. It may be formal or informal, highly detailed or broadly framed, based on the needs of the project. It often includes resource histograms.

Particular attention should be paid to how project team members will be released. when they are no longer needed on the project. Appropriate reassignment procedures may: Organization chart

This is used to graphically display project relationships. An Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) is a specific type of organization chart that shows which organizational units are responsible for which work items. Supporting detail

This will vary by application area and project size and includes:


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