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7.1 Resource Planning


Resource Planning involves determining what physical resources (people, equipment and materials) and what quantities of each should be used to perform project activities. It must be closely co-ordinated with cost estimating.

7.1.1 Inputs

  1. Work breakdown structure
  2. Historical information
  3. Scope statement
  4. Resource pool description
  5. Organizational policies

7.1.2 Tools & Techniques

  1. Expert judgement
  2. Alternatives identification

7.1.3 Outputs

  1. Resource requirements






7.1.1 Resource planning - Inputs Work breakdown structure

The WBS identifies the project elements that will need resources and thus is the primary input to resource planning. Historical information

Historical information regarding what types of resources were required for similar work on previous projects should be used if available. Scope statement

Refer Scope Statement. Resource pool description

Knowledge of what resources are potentially available is necessary for resource planning. The amount of detail and the level of specificity of the resource pool description will vary.

For example, during the early phases of an engineering design project, the project may include "junior and senior engineers" in large numbers. During later phases of the same project, however, the pool may be limites to those individuals who have worked on the project having worked on the earlier phases. Organizational policies

The policies of the performing organization regarding staffing and the rental or purchase of supplies must be considered during resource planning.


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7.1.3 Resource Planning - Outputs Resource requirements

This is a description of what types of resource are required, in what quantities for each element of the breakdown structure. These resources wil be obtained either through staff acquisition or procurement.


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