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12.2 Solicitation Planning


Solicitation planning involves preparing the documents needed to support solicitation.

12.2.1 Inputs

  1. Procurement management plan
  2. Statement(s) of work
  3. Other planning outputs

12.2.2 Tools & Techniques

  1. Standard forms
  2. Expert judgement

12.2.3 Outputs

  1. Procurement documents
  2. Evaluation criteria
  3. Statement of work updates






12.2.1 Solicitation Planning - Inputs Procurement management plan

Refer procurement management plan. Statement(s) of work

Refer statementof work. Other planning outputs

Other planning outputs considered as part of procurement planning.


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12.2.2 Solicitation Planning - Tools and techniques Standard forms

Standard forms may include standard contracts, standard descriptions of procurement items, or standardized versions of all or part of the needed documents. Expert judgement

Refer expert judgement.


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12.2.3 Solicitation Planning - Outputs Procurement documents

These are used to solicit proposals from prospective sellers. The terms "bid" and "quotation" are generally used when the source selection decision will be price-driven (as when buying commercial items), while the term "proposal" is used when technical skills or approach are paramount.

The different types of procurement documents include:

Procurement documents should meet the following requirements:

Contract origination may take place unilaterally or bilaterally.

Purchase order

The purchase order is a unilateral contract, a legal document used when routine, standard cost items are needed. Many companies want a written acceptance of a purchase order.

Request for quotation

This is a bilateral contract used for relatively low dollar value items such as supplies or materials. The form should provide complete information so that it becomes easy to review and appraise competitive quotes.

Request for proposal

This is a biateral contracts used when high dollar value is involved and the item or service is not standardized, for example construction project, an R&D project and a made-to-order highly complex piece of machinery. Since there is some uncertainty involved, negotiation on price, quality and schedule may take place with some trade-offs being made.

Invitation to bid

This is a bilateral process used for high dollar value, standard items. A prerequisite is a clear and accurate description of the supplies, equipment, and services. A reasonable amount of time should be allowed and the bids are opened at a specific time. The contract is awarded to the lowest bidder. Evaluation criteria

These are used to rate or score proposals and must therefore be objective.

They may be limited to purchase price if the procurement item is known to be readily available from a number of acceptable sources. In other cases they must be identified and documented, for example: Statement of work updates

These SOWs may require modification.


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