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9.2 Staff Acquisition


Staff acquisition involves getting the human resources needed (individuals or groups) assigned to and working on the project.


9.2.1 Inputs

  1. Staffing management plan
  2. Staffing pool description
  3. Recruitment practices

9.2.2 Tools & Techniques

  1. Negotiations
  2. Pre-assignment
  3. Procurement

9.2.3 Outputs

  1. Project staff assigned
  2. Project team directory






9.2.1 Staff Acquisition - Inputs Staffing management plan

The staffing management plan includes the project's staffing requirements. Staffing pool description

The following characteristics of staff must be considered during this phase: Recruitment practices

These will consist of policies, guidelines, or procedures governing staff assignments.


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9.2.2 Staff Acquisition - Tools and techniques Negotiations

Project management may need to negotiate with: Pre-assignment

In some cases, staff may be pre-assigned to the project. This is often the case when (a) the project is a result of a competitive proposal and specific staff were promised as part of the proposal or (b) the project is an internal servcie project and staff assignments were defined within the project charter. Procurement

This is necessary when the performing organization does not have the appropriately skilled staff.


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9.2.3 Staff Acquisition - Outputs Project staff assigned

The project is staffed when appropriate people have been reliably assigned to work on it. Project team directory

This lists all the project team members and other key stakeholders.


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