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12.3 Solicitation


Solicitation involves obtaining bids and proposals from prospective sellers on how project needs can be met. Most of the actual effort in this process is expended by the prospective sellers at no cost to the project.


12.3.1 Inputs

  1. Procurement documents
  2. Qualified seller lists

12.3.2 Tools & Techniques

  1. Bidder conferences
  2. Advertising

12.3.3 Outputs

  1. Proposals






12.3.1 Solicitation - Inputs Procurement documentation

Refer to procurement documents. Qualified seller lists

These are lists or files with information on relevant information and other characteristics of prospective suppliers. If such lists are not readily available, the project team may need to develop its own sources, for example,


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12.3.2 Solicitation - Tools and techniques Bidder conferences

Bidder conferences are meetings with prospective sellers prior to the preparation of a proposal. They are used to ensure that all prospective sellers have a clear, common understanding of the procurement (technical requirements, contract requirements). Responses to questions may be incorporated into the procurement documents as amendments. Advertising

Existing lists of potential sellers can often be expanded by placing advertisements in general circulation publications such as newspapers or specialyt publications such as professional journals. Some government jurisdictions require public advertising of certain types of procurement items; most government jurisdictions require public advertising of subcontracts on a government contract.


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12.3.3 Solicitation - Outputs Proposals

These are seller-prepared documents that describe the seller's ability and willingness to provide the requested product. They are prepared in accordance with the requirements of the procurement documents.


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