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4.2 Project Plan Execution


Project Plan Execution is the primary process for carrying out the project plan. The vast majority of the project's budget will be expended in performing this process.

4.2.1 Inputs

  1. Project plan
  2. Supporting detail
  3. Organizational policies
  4. Corrective action

4.2.2 Tools & Techniques

  1. General management skills
  2. Product skills and knowledge
  3. Work authorization system
  4. Status review meetings
  5. Project management information system
  6. Organizational procedures

4.2.3 Outputs

  1. Work results
  2. Change requests






4.2.1 Project Plan Execution - Inputs Project plan

The Project Plan and subsidiary management plans are a key input into project plan execution. Supporting detail

Refer supporting detail for the Project Plan. Organizational policies

Any and all of the organizations involved in the project may have formal and informal policies which may affect project plan execution. Corrective action

Corrective action is anything done to bring expected future project performance into line with the project plan. Corrective action is an output of the various control processes and completes the feedback loop needed to ensure effective project management.


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4.2.2 Project Plan Execution - Tools and techniques General management skills

General management skills such as leadership, communicating, and negotiating are essential to effective project plan execution. Product skills and knowledge

The project team must have access to an appropriate set of skills and knowledge about the project plan. These would have been defined as part of resource planning and provided through the staff acquisition process. Work authorization system

A work authorization system is a formal procedure for sanctioning project work to ensure that work is done at the right time and in the proper sequence. The primary mechanism is typically a written authorization to beign work on a specific activity or work package. The design of any such system should be balanced with the cost of that control. Status review meetings

Status review meetings are regularly scheduled meetings held to exchange information about the project. On most projects. status review meetings will be held at various frequencies and on different levels (eg project management team - weekly, customer - monthly). Project management information system

Refer PMIS. Organizational procedures

Any and all of the organizations involved in the project may have formal and informal procedures useful during project execution.


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4.2.3 Project Plan Execution - Outputs Work results

Wok results are the outcomes of the activities performed to accomplish the project. Information on work results - which deliverables have been completed and which have not, to what extent quality standards are being met, whether costs have been incurred or committed, etc is collected as part of project plan execution and fed into the performance reporting. Change requests

Change requests to expand or contract project scope are often identified during execution.


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